Reaffirming this we see that the Virgen is standing in the center of the moon figure, and Mexico’s etimology is Mezt (tli) = Moon, Xic (tli) = belly button, center, and Co = in: “In the belly button of the moon”; for Mexicas, being in the belly button of the moon is being at the center of the created world, being in a sacred land.  For them, Mexico meant “the foundations of heaven”,  from where the four directions of the universe stem.
This agrees with Mary’s words to Juan Diego “that is this land you are one” , all men and women united in this land are called to sanctity.  For her, “this land” is the sacred land, where God throws his word to the four cardinal points, that is, the four directions of the universe.  A word that germinates in each heart so it knows how to love.  A universe where Holy Mary of Guadalupe “dances” with this harmonious and marvelous message, marking it in our lives, “flower and song” at the root of our existence, for she will give us Her beloved Son, our Savior, at the center of our heart. 
As our Indians express “and center the attention on this Woman’s womb, who, with the joy of the feast dances, because She will give us her Son”.